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Ever wonder how some of your friends or acquaintances are really banking business through their websites?  Have you gone to their website and thought, wow, this is really great?  Do you take note of why it is so great?  When I go to a website, I can instantly notice if they are keeping up with the latest trends and keeping it updated.  It is so important to stay on top of your online presence!  Since phone books are basically an item of the past, it is crucial to make your website and search terms a priority.  How else are your customers going to find you if not?  The newest trend in web design is – less is more!  Less text and more pictures.  Since people really do not want to spend hours in front of the computer if they do not have to, they actually want to see the finished product of what they are searching for.  A visual story is proven to be much more powerful! For instance, if you own a house cleaning or carpet cleaning business, do you think it is more of an impact to see before and after pics of the clean homes and carpets or a long list of the things you do clean?  Here are a few examples of what people like to see.

Showing your hard work is always a bonus!




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Another thing to keep in mind while designing your website, is that most users are now searching for information on their mobile devices.  Web site designers used to base their audience on home computers, laptops, etc.  Now, they are using mobile first design.  Additionally, Google is now encouraging responsive design to improve the SEO for your site because it reduces multiple sub domains and identical content.  This makes complete sense because most customers are on the go and searching for their current needs while in the car or out and about.  What have we learned today?  Keeping it simple without a lot of clutter “text”, user friendly  “easy to navigate” and up to date “is how you will stay ahead of you competition.  Unfortunately, word of mouth is not enough to rise to the top on the internet search engine.  Keeping up with the ever changing market of how people interact, their interests and how they learn are ways to stay ahead of the game!

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